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Do you need to earn High School Equivalency (HSE) through the GED exams, or do you want to learn English but need some help?


Do you need to earn a High School Equivalency Diploma (i.e., a GED)?


High School Equivalence (GED – Prep)

Do you want to learn English, but you need help?


English as a Second Language (ESL)


CCC's Adult Basic Education for College and Careers Program offers FREE High School Equivalency (HSE) GED Test-prep & English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to residents of Coconino County in multiple modes: in-person, virtual (via Zoom), or online. 


Classes are open to anyone at least 16 years old and legally present in the U.S. Our mission is to help individuals develop the skills needed to obtain High School Equivalency and/or use the English-language to enhance daily life and create opportunities to pursue sustainable careers and/or higher education.



New Student Orientation Class for the GED-Prep Program (In-Person, Flagstaff, Fourth Street Campus)

April 3rd & 4th, 2024 - 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Room C7 @ CCC's Fourth Street Campus in Flagstaff

The HSE/GED-Prep New Student Orientation is a 2-day event geared at introducing new program participants to CCC's Adult Education services, including Integrated Education Training Programs (career/workforce skills) and High School Equivalency Pathways (e.g., GED exams).  This event will also include a placement test in reading, language, and math to provide key data that will assist with creating an individualized study plan and guide enrollment into GED-Prep courses.


To join the next orientation, complete these steps:

Step #1: Register for the program

Step #2: Verify your ID (come in-person to CCC Fourth Street or Page or schedule a quick Zoom meeting)

Step #3:  RSVP to the Orientation Class

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Fourth Street Campus

Tuba City

475 S. Lake Powell Blvd.
Page, AZ 86040-0728
P:  928-645-3987

3000 N. Fourth St.
Flagstaff, AZ 86004-18925
P:  928-526-7601

78 Main St.
Tuba City, AZ 86045
P:  928-283-5856


Adult Education Staff & Faculty



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Donovan Wiedmann

Program Senior Manager

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Daniel Nickerson Transitions Coordinator & IET Instructor Contact Form 928-526-7675

Linda Fullerton

Program Assistant & Assessment Coordinator

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Adult Basic Education / High School Equivalency (GED-Prep)

Mary Hansen

Instructor (Page)

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Wendi Lewis Instructor (Tuba City)

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Melissa Gantz

Instructor (Flagstaff)

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Julie Baumgartner

Instructor (Flagstaff)

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English-language Learning (ESL)

Debbie Goldenstein

Instructional Leader

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Amanda Black Instructor Contact Form 928-526-7650
Anne Stoughton Instructor Contact Form 928-526-7650

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