Welcome to CCC! Small classes, friendly staff, caring faculty, and affordable tuition - these are only a few reasons why CCC is a smart choice. Whether you’re seeking new job skills, want to get on the road to a four-year degree, or are interested in lifelong learning opportunities, we’ve got a program to fit your needs. CCC is here for you!


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CCC Admissions Team 

If you are a prospective student who would like to learn more about Coconino Community College and how to submit an application, please schedule an appointment below.  We look forward to meeting you! Our staff are friendly, flexible and do not use commissions, bonuses, or other incentive payment programs for purpose of securing enrollments.


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Alexandra Purchase

Senior Manager

Patricia Petelin

HS2CCC Program Coordinator

Cynthia Anderson

Admissions Advisor

Alejandro Higuera

Admissions Specialist

Alejandro Higuera Photo